Saturday, February 21, 2009

These guys need som life! (feat Rihanna)

We all know.
Chris Brown deserved to be fucked.
In the ass, in the mouth, everywhere else,
as long as he gets injured at least as much as this..


IS THAT the ella-ella RIHANNA?"

Yes it is!dammit.
Its rihanna leaked battered-woman-photo from the police.
For more information, read HERE.
Gutter post is fast as usual.


Kay done with the hollywood drama,
now back to bolehland drama.
I hereby present you a bastard of all..

This guy didnt physically abuse his gf but
he did mentally abused her. VERY MUCH
wat the fuck.
He is a frigging coward that fucking humiliated his own gf
through da third party
Is that how you fucking show love?
I dont find it funny;
do read the comments,
many dont find it farny either.

Why does the bastard complain so much?
It was his Lala mind who made him to choose her as his gf~
he is such a retard who cnt express his dissatisfaction
towards his gf's fashion sense.

As a boyfriend, a partner, a soulmate,
his duty is to make her improve, to protect her so that
she doesnt get humiliated by the public.


he frigging just humiliated his own gf in the public.
what was that?
now da internet users are laughing at his gf getting humiliated
he must be happy now?

For ONCE, Im defending da Lalas.

P/S: Digi and marketers deserve a fuck for this.



maRCus said...

wah.. srsly man.. gila wan she kena till like tht.. the fella in jaol bo?

ahaha.. your posts now becoming more and more funny lar!! OMG...

f here, f there, f f everythere...

bersopan satunlah sikit.

budi bahasa, budaya kita.

msj ikhlas drpd kerajaan malaysia. ahahhaa

NobodyButMe said...

2 words, HOLY FUCK!