Friday, March 13, 2009

Auzie cuzies.

My loyal reader would know that I have got a few auzie cousins.
(as in migrated ones)

The last time they came back was years ago.
I remember very clearly it was CNY.
When I was still in NS,
yes, BALD!
Ling Ying.

Ling Zhang.

And I do remember
I had a blowjob and sex on the beach
with my ausie cuzies+ deir bfs.

Dam you pervies, its the name of the cocktail~!

My ausie cuzzie just came back weeks ago.
I did join in for a short while...
(sorry for being a poor host,ling ying lol blame da assignments. )

bei zhan.
(I have once mentioned that 4th aunt of mine HERE.)


The other part where I was absent...

Is he hawt?

Gals, good news!
He left his singlet in my house,
come bid for it.

Did you notice something by looking at the photos?
I dont know about you but one of the ausie fren who tagged along this time
has high potential of being a gay.
I think he is,my cuz and bf think so too.
But, according to my cuz, he denies being one.hmpph
Have you got an idea of which one that I am toking about?
come on.
scroll up.look through the pics and think deeply.
Kay, let's see if you have guessed correctly..



this is actually a scheduled post
(drafted on 12 March 3am)
as to be dedicated
to mah babie as an appreciation
for being
understanding, supportive, caring and loving

since beginning.
"We are gotta stand by our ground whether it rains or snows."

Happy one quarter anniversary babie!



zhang said...


yes .... we worry about that one. ahhah

awww =[ I wish I got to see you guys... but I was the only one to care about my uni work *cough* unlike my sister*

Your "blowjob" drink was feral btw=O

hahaha come visit us in Perth.. we take you around =D and eat yummy yummies ....
anyways take care
<3 zhang

Ruionkoh said...

Dear cuzie,

uni work? as in?
Or was it because the AUD exchange rate was way too low?LOLOL jk~
was it fer charity or fer money btw? XD

Haha you sure to remember the blowjob we had together huh?wtf it sounds wrong lol.

yeahhhh cant wait to graduate and im so coming over.graduating end of next year! time flies patient! XD XD

P/s: you can start planing the schedule for me from now on lololol
take care too!!!

(w)rong said...

I like the dog featured in pic #8, it looked like my dog.

Tekkaus said...

The name of the cocktail is so...cun huh! Anyway good post. :)

CarrieChungie said...

Happy Anniversary to you too baby. (L)