Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have always thought that I know how to spell "Guiltiness" till I see this just now.

41 and 7 miscalls on each of mah phone and another 8 msges on one of em.


It happened that I was so into altering my law group assignment at bie's house and since that her bro wasnt sleeping yet, so I continued with mah work since I was kinda into my work until the clock struck one thirty; her bro was about to sleep(Both my phones were silent as my groupmates were calling in to discuss bout the assignment and I didnt wana wake her parents up). Held baby from living room sofa to bedroom and gave a peck before I left. She looked tired, in fact must be darn tired as she got stuck accompanying me whole frigging day. in fact it has been weeks as she accompanies me to do my work n stuff instead of the other way round .

I thought she was asleep till she dropped me a good nite and drive safe msg just before reaching home. I never intended to reply as I swear I thought she was back to her dreamland and I didnt wanna wake her up. Reached home and mum was using the comp, left mah pants in the room with the silent mode phones in the pockets, headed downstairs for a cup of water and friggin fell asleep on the living room sofa, tired.


4am I regained conscious and walked back to room and it was the time I saw the

41 and 7 miscalls on each of mah phone
and another 8 msges on one of em.

I told her what happened and I fucking made her worried like fark...

"I was so worried and I went to wake my mum up just to brin me to ur house n to make sure ur car is home now.but, really, il never ever forgive myself if anything happens to you. I just cnt imagine my life without you. I prayed to God for ur safety n I just thank God ure ok..."
- bie, 4.13am.-
P/s: praying is the last thing that comes to her mind usually. Plus, her whole family has to get up at 6am later for cheng beng prayer.


Argh put yourself in my shoes and I am sure
you can frigging spell "G-u-i-l-t-i-n-e-s-s" without learning ABC!

I, hereby, would like to apologize sincerely to my bie and family(her mum especially).
Though it was somehow more to the miscommunication but still I am sorry
as it was me who caused all da troubles.

If only the guiltiness could be mend that easily. Argh, sometimes, drama just happens.

And, it sucks.


In another, 45 mins time, and they will have to wake up.
They just slept like an hour ago.

IF only I can pause the global clock now and let them sleep longer.
IF only I could turn back time to reply a msg or to un-silent my phones.
IF only I could donate my sleep to them.

dam, seriously, curse me upside down.
I just screwed everything. = (



maRCus said...

waaa....soh the lor mann wan ah your Bie... lucky you to have her, but too bad you screwed her and her family on eve of their Ching Beng. LOL

ps. birds nest / abalone wud sound really good for her mum right now. lol

pps. why didnt she just call ur hse to check? ;-P

Silver Violinist said...

you have a really wonderful girlfriend. ;)

Avery said...

You're lucky guy dude ^_^

Speaking of which.. I had that same feeling during last friday's KL outing.. Altought it was not as serious as your one lar.. LOL

CarrieChungie said...

Things happened for a reason.
I guess Someone would really want me to appreciate you more. X)

ps. I dont have his house number. What a coincidence. Pfft.