Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I tried to be one but I am one.Sorry.

Another wave of guiltiness.
I really dont want things like this to happen again.
No more. No more.

I am sorry.

I think I shouldnt hide it anymore,
yes peeps,
you are right,
I am a bisexual.

Yes you heard me right.
I drool over girls all the time but I do drool over guys actually.
I know this will be hard for the people around me,
my family & friends to accept me for who am I.

I am announcing this on my blog,
coz i dont want anybody to get hurt anymore.
no more.

I do lurve the fun with guys.
They think its fun, I think its pleasuring.

I do have guys pals who make me go oh oh.

Now you know what I mean.

the feeling of getting protected.

Kenny Sia, Me love.
For real.

I admit to have fetish for trannies.

I do have "open" friend who made me wet mah pants.

and yes, we kissed.

at least for me..

And, yes Ven,
I did fall for cheez.
Sorry but not anymore.

And if you can't take me for who am I,


Still ♥Bie.

It will somehow be my history.
Let's today be the last day for it..
I promise.


SakuraMint said...

I love this post of yours! It is so bloody hillarious although it is supposed to be a 'confession' post..lol

If fox happens to read your blog, he will definitely scream out loud! hahaha

YingYang@QS said...

Nice try.

sexyback^^ said...

CoOl Post !!!!.. Lurveee It.. keep it up Dude.. ure posts r creative!

quixiotically__yours said...

awww hong rui...
You know that we love you no matter what =]

Seriously... that took guts and for that alone I am so very proud to call you family... =]
Even though I'm in Perth, know I am by your side supporting you 120%
... love you lots

Jayelle said...

lol i think it's an april fool joke. though the kissing photos quite convincing.

WHAT are you going as this time around?? can't wait to see..;D

maRCus said...

Koh!! Babiez you!!!! XD