Saturday, April 25, 2009

Namewee - 周杰倫的屌

Just incase you guys have been wondering,
where and how is the controversial local celebrity-Namewee doing,
here is his most recent video which I love so much.

Exactly, MYMineFM is an annoying piece of shit.
Yeah, wat the hell is with the foreign slang and foreign wanna be.
Hongkong-wannabes especially.
The song above is specially for you.


DIU lei la.
Im praising you


Update: the surprise post is still in the process.say like 75% done?

blame the WMV-AVI converter.
It took me more than 24 hours to convert some of the vids.


Monday, April 13, 2009

DJ mixes download + Online Radio

Love Trance?
Love Techno?
Love Progressive?
Love Breakbeat?
Love Electro?

" No i dont like lala song.."

Love Rap?
Love Hip-hop?
Love Rock?
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Love Cock?

A heaven for all.
(download more at HERE.)
No i dont earn any for advertising it.
Good stuff we share right?
Its just like how I share
No, no, dun expect porn from a decent website like
Fine! you horny fella,
There goes an adultsite for you.
Stop complaining alright.
I have gave you whatu want.
(Again, as usual dont sue me if your parents caught you getting addicted to it.)


Teaser pic.

I have warned you not to miss the following post.
Trust me.
For once.
It is something classic of the year which you will never wanna miss.

p/s: I have been awake for more than 24 hours. still counting

<3bieeeeee style="color: rgb(204, 102, 204);">Thanks a zillion.
its another anniversary.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hidup Anwar?


Like I said, I am not really into politics but I like to laugh at them whenever they create and distribute jokes among each other.
of course not forgetting the so called scandal gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong which I dont find it scandalous, and also the classic video of very powderful Datuk Chuak Soi Lek.
(Keep an eye at to keep yourself updated with these shits lol)

And of course I love looking at how funnily they fight among parties.
Its just like watching your kindergarten friends fighting and rolling all over the floor over a candy with the fear of letting da teacher to know that they were fighting.
Its just plain farnay.
Politicians are just none other than growing up kids.

They themselves are the jokes.

Thanks to them, if it wasnt because of them,
Our newspaper would have been much thinner,
and reporters have got nothing to report,
while journalism have got nothing to crap about.

I would not state my stance here,
whether I am for or against the government
as one thing for sure,
regardless of which party's leaders,
they are all fighting for their own fame.
Fighting & helping the community?
all bullchickenduckfishshit.

But anyhow,
I randomly watched this vid out of boredom.
and it was the -supposed-to-be president Anwar Ibrahim giving out speech
regarding the fuel price and subsidiaries and i think its awesome
Hilarious. Must watch!

Here are some highlights from the vid.

"Kemudian , saya tengok orang gananananana bising"
(after that, I see people gananananana make noise)

"Saya nak jawab Najib, kalu turun harga minyak, bukan turun sampai kita bankrap!"
(I want to tell Najib, we lower the fuel price, not to the extend that we go bankrupt!)

"Kite pengeluar minyak, jangan banding dengan Singapura."
(We are producer of petroleum, dont compare us with Singapore)

"Ini ekonomi tak tau, ape dia reti??"
(Ecconomy also he doesnt know, what he knows?)

"You tak boleh banding harga durian di Malaysia dengan harga di Jepun~... BODOH!"
(You cannot compare Malaysia's durian price with Japan's!...stupid!)

"Sebab tu dia boleh berkawan dengan Samy Vellu!"
(No wonder he is a friends of Samy Vellu)

As driver who spends like RM60/week at least just for fuel,
I have to support what Anwar said.LOL.
Sorry BN.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another celebrity who went away..RIP

I got to know her name through this chinese world riddle.
(Bananas may wanna skip this part)



(因为她在"木"上yo, yo,yo)


Her name is Ah-Sang aka Ah Sang.
A Taiwanese singer. She died of breast cancer Monday morning at the age of 34. Ah-Sang reached her stardom in 2003 by means of “Leaves,” the ending theme song of drama “The Rose.” She released her first album “Getting A Little Hurt” at the end of that year and was nominated for the best new comer at 2004 Golden Melody Awards.
(Original source CLICK HERE)


And heres the mandrin version for the papayas.

台湾歌手阿桑因患乳癌病逝 享年34岁
2009年04月06日 22:27凤凰网时尚综合

台湾歌手阿桑因患乳癌病逝 享年34岁

4月6日讯 据台湾东森新闻网最新报道,经演唱过《叶子》这首歌的歌手“阿桑”,因为去年十月罹患乳癌末期,在今天(4月6日)早上八点半,病逝于新店慈济医院,享年34岁。









(Original source CLICK HERE)



people you see today might not be seen tomoro,
treasure them.


A maid who deserves a fuck right tru the ass to the mouth.

Haven't been reading newspaper?
Have no idea whats going out there?
This is something you should see.
you should be aware of...

Yes, frigging maid!!
Its a real dam Singapore maid caught on cam for abusing the kids.
Who was also "supposed" to protect the kids from time to time from being injured and harmed.
What are the parents doing?
Would your children cry non-stop without a single reason?
Would your children get bruises all over without a single reason?
Its just like
would you fucking get a love bite if you did not get yourself sucked and bitten?!
Wait a minute, did the parents even bathed their children before?

Mother of Mary, Buddha, Allah and the Hidhu Gods,
please, I beg you,
punish the parents
sula-ing(impaling) the psycho maid!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

How about Carrie?

Hey peeps.
I hope you did enjoy your Aprilfool day.
Some of my readers do had a meaningful Aprilfool day,
here in my blog.
Click here to read what had been going on.

To whom it may concern ,

"Sorry, you have been pranked :) Gotcha!"

And to any hater(s) out there,
Sorry to tell that, I am straight and I love girl(her)
Maybe next time? XD

No peeps,
I havn't lose a single interest in boobs ( .) .) and pussay.
Neither I will have
a single interest in something im already having inside my pants.0|0

Wokay let me summarize the whole prank.
It was a spontaneous idea.
Digged all the photos and I started posting
and I couldnt control myself from laughing like a mad dog,
while composing the post i mean.

Before i get on to the interesting part,
let me just briefly clarify myself on the photos. lol

1st photo- Ask Google for their contacts

2nd & 3rd photos - They are ordinary straight bloggers. featured: 2nd - DSX the not so innocent, cheez the cocksucker 3rd - HornymanChristhoo , Hornygirljosh

4th, 5th and 6th photos - Just a healthy Malacca trip. featured: i) A china college friend(the one fucking) ii) A NS good friend(the one fucked)

7th photo- Kennysia is the gay not me. LOL featured: - Kennysia
8th photo - just some random ah kuas(transexuals) I bumped into when I visited KoSamui, Thailand. featured: - Ah Kua, Tau Kua & Bak Kua

9th,10th and 11th photos - some long ago outing with coursemates. featured: - jeremy fox lol (And no it wasnt a french kiss. God created a word called "Angle"!)
12th - Nuffnang Halloween party again featured: - Say Cheeeeeeeezzzzzz


Curryegg - ticked
Choy - crossed (Coz i told him my plan)
Weishez - ticked
Jeff - crossed (Coz he got pranked last year.Lol)

Many of you might no know.
I actually DIED last year.

It was scary.
The news spreaded so fast
From KL friends to Mlk friends..
I wasnt replying to any msg for days.
In fact, I appeared offline for days,
hardwork & preparation lol.

And in the end when the truth revealed,
Jeff(JPA scholarship holder in France)
Lemboon's son
the 1st 1 to know and believe I "died",
also the one who spreaded among friends
was so pissed off

"If you die really young 1 day, I'll sure to be the first one to attend your funeral and pee in your casket!!!!!"

wokay back to this year's prank.

This morning I checked my status in FB,
and I was surprised that my aunt replied to my shoutout.

my bro left me lines of messages.

Everybody one more time

And to keep the suspense..
I dint reply to any of them
until evening.

I called my aunt.

Me : "Hello aunty read my blog?"
Aunt : " huh"
Me : "you told my mum ar?"
Aunt : "Nolar, how i dare, wait she pengsan(faint strait)."
Me : "ooo, after I go on a date with my male coursemate on 31st April I will let her know."
Aunt : "a guy? you serious ar.dont sampat lar...*mumble mumble*"
Me : "after the 31st april date i will see how"
Aunt : " guys supposed to wif girl.. *continues mumbling*"
Me : " (cant tahan anymore lol) APRIL GOT 31st meh????"
Aunt : "*laughs"

And then followed by my bro again in Msn

(wokay at this point, he did realize the possibility of getting fooled..hmmmm)

and yes, I did give a hint earlier at the tag.

What is(was) today's(yesterday's) date everybody?

31st 1stApril 2009

P/S: I look forward for next year's aprilfool more than this year's Christmas.

And the wisest of all?

Ninjapenguin aka cindy.
"Sorry I had to delete your comment earlier so to keep the fun going"

Same thing
"Sorry I had to approve your comment later so to keep the fun going"

And the most surprising feedback?

All the way from perth,AUS!
My kangaroo cousin!


my prank goes global every year.
Last year France and this year Aus.
Next year Africa kay?

Quote of the day?

Carrie is fine.
Shes still mine.
So am I to her.
We are still happily in love.
and this shall not end

♥ ♥
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥