Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hidup Anwar?


Like I said, I am not really into politics but I like to laugh at them whenever they create and distribute jokes among each other.
of course not forgetting the so called scandal gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong which I dont find it scandalous, and also the classic video of very powderful Datuk Chuak Soi Lek.
(Keep an eye at to keep yourself updated with these shits lol)

And of course I love looking at how funnily they fight among parties.
Its just like watching your kindergarten friends fighting and rolling all over the floor over a candy with the fear of letting da teacher to know that they were fighting.
Its just plain farnay.
Politicians are just none other than growing up kids.

They themselves are the jokes.

Thanks to them, if it wasnt because of them,
Our newspaper would have been much thinner,
and reporters have got nothing to report,
while journalism have got nothing to crap about.

I would not state my stance here,
whether I am for or against the government
as one thing for sure,
regardless of which party's leaders,
they are all fighting for their own fame.
Fighting & helping the community?
all bullchickenduckfishshit.

But anyhow,
I randomly watched this vid out of boredom.
and it was the -supposed-to-be president Anwar Ibrahim giving out speech
regarding the fuel price and subsidiaries and i think its awesome
Hilarious. Must watch!

Here are some highlights from the vid.

"Kemudian , saya tengok orang gananananana bising"
(after that, I see people gananananana make noise)

"Saya nak jawab Najib, kalu turun harga minyak, bukan turun sampai kita bankrap!"
(I want to tell Najib, we lower the fuel price, not to the extend that we go bankrupt!)

"Kite pengeluar minyak, jangan banding dengan Singapura."
(We are producer of petroleum, dont compare us with Singapore)

"Ini ekonomi tak tau, ape dia reti??"
(Ecconomy also he doesnt know, what he knows?)

"You tak boleh banding harga durian di Malaysia dengan harga di Jepun~... BODOH!"
(You cannot compare Malaysia's durian price with Japan's!...stupid!)

"Sebab tu dia boleh berkawan dengan Samy Vellu!"
(No wonder he is a friends of Samy Vellu)

As driver who spends like RM60/week at least just for fuel,
I have to support what Anwar said.LOL.
Sorry BN.


Autumn Babe said...

i love the layman language he used to do comparisons. hahahah~ from durian to bawang. somehow, what he said was true also la.

waninoko said...

wow, awesome vid. he pinpoint them. and the comparison is out of the question too. 8D