Saturday, May 23, 2009

sibeh unique laptop baglor.

Yo peeps!
Have I told you that I was working in the last pc fair?
Days ago, this random fella called me up,

"Hey are you hong rui, the promoter for X company during the last pc fair?"
bla bla bla....

Okay to cut the story short,
I was introduced to another company to work as promoter.

Will be selling these,

They are LAPTOP BAGs,
I know its hard to convince you that they are LAPTOP bags,
but yes, I have to admit,
me myself havnt seen such casual and trendy design of laptop bags.

I just wish to share these kewl laptop bags among my friends.
I do think its something worth buying especially in college use.
good stuff.
If anybody wanna own one,
I dont mind helping out as the postman lol.
I can be reached at my 012 or 014.
Or not just leave me a mail at
and will probably try my best to help you guys to grab a unit or two.
Will be working till sunday in TESCO Melaka(Near Kluang Station),
if you are interested maybe you can pay a visit to the booth itself,
to ensure the quality. haha

And no, I DONT earn anything by becoming the middle person.
The price is already stated there.
Theres the price that I received from the boss too. lol.
I repeat.
im just sharing something that I think its unique :)

p/s: dont hope for discount ler. I am not the boss. price is set at RM120. Its already discounted price because the boss himself told me personally that its nett price already and I was told that I am actually hired to help clear stock lol.

For a moment, I wish I have a laptop.
simply because the bags are really nice! T.T

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