Monday, June 1, 2009

Ways to make yourselves happy when u get stuck in a traffic jam.

I was stuck in a traffic jam on the way back to
my beloved Nilai University College.
It took me 3 times longer to reach my destination.
Be surprise,
I DID NOT curse.
Imma not telling you the secret for not cursing.

By the way,
as I was saying.....
what could possibly be done when you are going at

aka 5.55555556 m/s

in the middle of

1) Move your body to the music with almost maximum volume.

- Turn on da radio
- Level up the volume till you feel your dick/boobs eardrums vibrate.
- Hands on and of your steering wheel according to the beat
- Hands in the air while hands of the wheel
- Hands of the air while hands on the wheel
- Move your boobies body accordingly
- Nod your head to the beat

P/S: This is only suitable for those with big balls as the cars beside, in front and behind of you will be looking at you like an alien.

If you think you have mastered the basic skills, try the same steps above but this time try tuning in to or with no radio turned on at all.

Thank God I was having DJ Fuzz and DJ Ken on clubhitz.

2) Watch Listen to a movie.

- By keeping an eye on the road, turn your body 45 degrees to the back
- With all the experience you have, feel your laptop bag in the dark
- Cautiously, drag it to the passenger seat
- With all the unzipping experience you have, unzip your beg gently
- Grab it out from the bag slowly, not too hard; fragile
- Wildly, lift up its cover
- Give a gentle fondle on the "power" button
- Direct it to the directory you would want the most
- Play with it in any mode, A-B, shuffle mode or even repeat mode
- Level up the moaning of your laptop till you think its satisfying enough
- Enjoy the rest of it

P/S: I enjoyed the little Nyonya; addictive, definitely.

3) Try how it feels to be an ambulance.
Emergency lane. period.
P/S: Better pleasure with double signal turned on while making the siren noise by having the windows scrolled down.

4) Exercise.
Especially if you have been too busy with work recently.
Just stretch your left leg to the passenger seat and do some simple exercise.
P/S: This is highly advisable for drivers with skirts on, especially Britney/Paris.

By the way,
I found out the reason for the terrible jam after calling Plus Helpline
(1800-88-0000 for your info)

"There were simply too many drivers like me."



maRCus said...

AH! i do about the same obnoxious thing like you too!! esp the dance in the car part.. except i do it WITHOUT the music.. LOL

pikey said...

I will just be daydreaming and listening to the radio.