Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boycott Uncle John Kopitiam Nilai.plsthxbye.

I was there.

When I sat down, I orderd nasi lemak SPECIAL and a glass of chocolate drink.
After I ordered, I was starving,
so I wanted to take a bite of the bread that I have just bought,
and the cheebye foreign waiter was staring at me as though
I have just frigging bitten off the foreskin of his dick.

"No sir, outside food not allowed, no outside food~"

Oh fuck it, its just a bread

Fine, I respected the "rule and regulations".
and I obeyed the bulldog-faced foreign worker.

So the Nasi lemak came.
It was SUPPOSED to look like this....

(A nasilemak photo of Uncle John found on google)

Price : -

You might say every Uncle John sells the same price what,
But why was the Nasi Lemak SPECIAL served to me
wasn't the same as shown in the photo I googled?

(Not to mention, you wont get to see any price list attached to the menu of Nilai Uncle John Kopitiam
from outside, not until you take your seat)

1) The sambal was as little as one small baby tiny micro tea spoon
-I asked for extra sambal from the waiter, and in his Nepal Nipple slang , he replied "50 Cents sir. ".

-So i went to the counter and there was this another bulldog-face lady-boss-alike biatch sitting at the cashier there, so I told her about the sambal and
she told me "50 cents."
I replied, "you come and see and finish it yourself!"

She quiet for a moment, and she told the waiter in a sibeh bosong face
"Give him sambal~"
MCB, what a scam!
Its not that I dint want to pay 50 cents but I bosong
the way they were trying to scam the customers at 7.30 per plate to cover their poor business.

2) My Nasi Lemak Special was indeed special as there wasnt a single piece of cucumber
- I dont need an explaination for this because I know the bulldog-face lady-boss-alike biatch is definitely single, unwanted, horny and needing dozens of cucumbers daily to satisfy her needs. No, I don't want any USED cucumber to be served on my plate. dammit.



jay said...

that's really suck..the way they treat u n trying to scam customer.. nasi lemak for 7.30? Dik, its better 2 u find at warong tepi jln..satisfied guarantee n additional sambal for free!

Dav DiDi said...

Should put the photos of the nasi lemak they serve as well ...

Ellis said...

just drop by, you are funny! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

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Ganesh said...

dude, ur damn right..i havent told u my story..was funnier..and i think i noe who tat biatch u are referring to..lol Must be d same one i insulted