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New twist in Teoh Beng Hock case: The shit has hit the fan!


If you have been wondering what is the content of the "crucial" letter
mentioned in mainstream news,
here it is!
(Originally written in Malay;here, attached with Eng and mandarin translated version)

BM version (click to enlarge)


English tranlsated version by one of the readers


Respectfully, we would like to refer to the subject above.

We would like to inform you that we, officers of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), feel obliged to expose the misconduct and bribery of a senior officer of the MACC, Deputy Director (DD) MACC Selangor PKPj I Hishamuddin bin Hashim, in connection with the case of TEOH BENG HOCK and another case involving the bungalow of DATO' SERI DR MOHAMAD KHIR BIN TOYO in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor.

2. For YBhg Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan's information, DD was directly involved in the investigations on the fraud case of the Selangor State Government's funds for YB Ean's (ADUN Seri Kembangan) allocation. His involvement was not just on official orders, but he has also given instructions to his subordinates to find, with any means possible, any evidence of wrongdoing by the Selangor State Goverment. He acted in this fashion because he has made a conspiracy with Khir Toyo to topple the government of Selangor. These (gelojoh) actions directly resulted in the death of Teoh Beng Hock. There arise a few suspicious questions that we, officers of the MACC Malaysia, ask on how Teoh Beng Hock could have died. We suspect the DD's involvement in the death of Teoh Beng Hock based on the following:

i) DD had ordered all MACC officers involved in the operation that he not be directly involved in the case. In fact, he was the one who gave all the orders in this operation and other operations in MACC Selangor. In fact, he was afraid to be involved directly because this could expose his conspiracy with Khir Toyo.

ii) The chemical investigators have discovered fingerprints and male DNA on the front side of both sides of Teoh Beng Hock's belt. Based on our, the officers of MACC Malaysia, knowledge, the DD has an individual style of investigative techniques which include interrogating a suspect by holding the front of his belt, lifting him a few times while shaking him.

iii) The process of collecting DNA on MACC Selangor officers was performed in 2 sessions. In the first session of collecting DNA, the DD made every effort to evade giving his DNA sample. The DD was said to have given his DNA sample in the second session, but suspicions arise because the DD gave his DNA sample in the privacy of his own office while all other MACC offiers including the MACC Director have given their DNA samples in a meeting room in the presence of many other individuals. Why did the DD give his DNA sample in a secretive fashion? Was the DNA provided really his DNA? We, the officers of the MACC Malaysia, feel puzzled that there was no one else in the presence of the DD when he allegedly gave his DNA sample? We recommend that the DNA Test on the DD must be done again, witnessed by a group of people who can be trusted.

iv) We have been informed that the DD had ordered his subordinates to erase/clean the fingerprints on the window that Teoh was believed to have fallen from. This was proven when the police could not find any signs of fingerprints, new or old, on the window. The question is, why did the DD order that this be done?

v) We suspect, based on information we have obtained, that the DD did not touch his punch-card when he left the office on the 16th of July 2009, at 6:10 am. This is important because it can prove that the DD was the last person to see Teoh. The question is, why did he not touch his punch-card when he is a person who always touches his punch-card. For the record, he is very diligent with his punch-card.

3. For YBhg Tan Sir/Dato/Tuan/Puan's information, the DD in question is very influential in the enforcement of investigation operations around Selangor and the rest of Malaysia. In MACC Selangor, he is the most important person who decides whether a case should be prosecuted even if the power should rest in the hands of the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP). His decision is prompted by his personal interests and those of his co-conspirators. So, it is no surprise that he led the MACC Selangor Investigative Unit for decades, at least since the Selangor state government was under the helm of the Barisan Nasional government (Khir Toyo) until now. He was promoted ahead of schedule, from Grade 41 to Grade 54, over the course of 16 years without transfer to other positions or locations other than that of the MACC Selangor. Based on the MACC, any officer who has been promoted or who has worked for more than 5 years in a state should be transferred to a different location to avoid the officer being involved in local bribery. One of the reasons he was never transferred is because he was tasked to "take care of" the position of Dato' Seri Dr Khir Toyo in Selangor. As a result, Khir Toyo also "took care of" his position in Selangor as a favour.

4. As a result of his position in MACC Selangor for these many years, he has been involved in various cases of bribery and misuse of power. Some of the incidents of bribery or misuse of power that we have investigated are as follows:

i) Closing the case of Khir Toyo connected to the approval of a road construction project, in Sekinchan running 20.5 km valued at RM 92.5 million to a contractor that was nearly blacklisted, Meram Holdings. According to the JKR's estimates, the road should have cost less than RM 50 million. The subcontractor that did the work on the project was Cabaran Wangsa, owned by Pua Kim An, the landlord of a house that had once been rented by Khir, while another company director, Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury is a Khir crony that was also given 100 acres of land at a profit to him of at least RM 20 million.

ii) Owning assets that exceed his emoluments such as:
a. Owning a few rental houses of which one is a two storey terrace house that was purchased at a favourable price from Pemaju Kumpulan Lebar Daun Development Sdn Bhd, as a result of the closing of the case against the Group Executive Chairman, Dato' Noor Azman @ Noor Hizam bin Mohd Nurdin. The case was investigated by the then BPR Selangor for a few years together with various other houses owned by him. To remove public and subordinate suspicions, he lived in the Government Quarters in Kg Atap, Kuala Lumpur.

b. Owning a Petronas petrol station on the left of the Federal Highway KM 8.6 - 8.7, Section 1, Federal Highway, Shah Alam, 40000 Selangor (near the Melati Roundabout, Shah Alam to Klang bound, registered under the name of his brother. The petrol station only just began operating this year (2009), part of which was built above a Chinese cemetary. He managed to get the site to build the petrol station because of his power, which was exercised in the era of Khir Toyo's government in Selangor.

c. Owning several plots of land around Shah Alam, in which one of them is believed to be beside the new SACC Mall registered under the name of a wife of a MACC Selangor driver named Abdullah b Azim, a full time homemaker in her late 30s.

iii) He has been caught in close proximity with a subordinate officer, Investigator rank, named Nor Azlina bt Mustafa besides the Shah Alam Lake early in 2009 by 2 police officers. He showed his identity card (MACC) and informed the police officers that he and the officer were in the middle of an operation and they were released. These "intimacies" between him and the Investigator were repeated and are common knowledge of many including his own wife. The only action taken by the Department was transferring the officer involved to the MACC Headquarters in Putrajaya. This was not effective because Azlina is still always with the DD in the Selangor office.

5. This letter was written to uphold justice and prevent the further abuse of power especially in the MACC and throughout Malaysia. We in the MACC are fed up to see his antics which have the blessings of the powers that be, like the saying "beraja di mata, bersultan di hati". We in the MACC have (hilang punca? Anybody?) to find departments/institutions/NGOs that can champion this issue so the appropriate action can be taken.

6. We, the officers of the MACC, are touched and thankful that YBhg Dato'/tuan/puan could expose this issue to the people and the authorities so that an organisation/NGO can take the appropriate action, or an independent investigation, can be taken and raised to the Cabinet. This is very important because it involves the integrity of a serving officer of a department that upholds the laws involving human integrity. The DD is now making every effort to press his subordinates to find any faults involving ruling PKR in the hopes that the PKR-led government will fall in Selangor and his secret will be safe. For your information, the DD is now very afraid whenever news about Dato' Seri Khir Toyo is released in the press and he would be very afraid if the case would expose his involvement.

7. We hope that any brave individuals or organizations can spread this information so that our actions can be brought to the attention of responsible and trusted authorities and that justice can be done. We are unable to do this ourselves because he has a "cable" with the powers that be.

8. Cooperation from YBhg Tan Sri/Dato'/tuan/puan is much appreciated and we hope that through your action, much more information can be brought to light involving individuals with no integrity. We hope that this will cleanse the MACC and its officers from further involvement in bribery and corruption.

Sekian, terima kasih


Kami yang menurut perintah,



Mandarin version



我 仅此要告知您,我们身为马来西亚反贪污委员会(反贪委)官员,有责任揭露反贪委高级官员,雪州反贪委副总监希山穆丁哈欣(Hishamuddin bin Hashim)的不法和贿赂行为,他与赵明福事件有关联,同时他也涉及了拿督斯理基尔多益(DATO' SERI DR MOHAMAD KHIR BIN TOYO)位于雪兰莪沙安南第七区的别墅事件。

2. 仅此告知尊贵的拿督/先生/女士,副总监直接涉及了有关尊贵的欧阳捍华(斯里肯邦岸州议员)选区中州政府拨款诈骗案的调查。他所涉及的不止是正式的指示, 而且他也对其下属发出指示,在任何可能的情况下寻找任何雪州政府的犯错证据。他这个做法是因为他与基尔多益有协定,以让现任雪州政府倒台。他贪婪的行为后 果导致了赵明福死亡事件的发生。我们反贪委官员有几项令人怀疑的问题,为何赵明福会死去?基于以下事项,我们全体人员怀疑副总监需对赵明福的死亡负责:

i) 副总监已经向所有涉及这个行动的反贪委官员发出指示,不要将他直接牵扯入这宗案子内。其实,这个行动中的指示都是他发出的,包括反贪委在雪兰莪州的其他行动在内。其实,他害怕被卷入是因为这将揭开他和基尔多益之间的串谋。

ii) 化验部已经在赵明福的腰带两侧的前面找到神秘男子的指纹和DNA。据我们大马反贪委所知,副总监有他自己的盘问技巧,他常会在盘问一名人士时,抓着那个人的腰带前方,提起数次并摇晃。

iii) 在雪兰莪反贪委官员身上所作的DNA样本提取过程已经进行了两次。在进行首次的DNA样本提取时,副总监不让提取他的DNA样本,并匆忙的逃走了。尽管如 此,在第二次DNA样本提取时,副总监被声称已经提供了他的DNA样本,可是令人怀疑的是,副总监是在他自己的办公室内提供他的DNA样本的,而全体的反 贪委官员,包括反贪委总监在内都是在会议室中众目睽睽下提供各自的DNA样本的。为何副总监在隐秘的情况下提交DNA样本呢?是否他所提供的DNA是他本 人的DNA呢?我们反贪委官员感到很奇怪,因为没有人的DAN样本和神秘男子的DNA吻合?我们建议对副总监的DNA样本测试必须重来一次,同时在可信任 的人面前监督。

iv) 我们接获消息,声称副总监已经指示他的下属,对赵明福受怀疑坠下的窗口上的指纹进行擦拭/刷除。这就证明了为何警方无法在上述窗口找到任何的新或旧指纹。问题是,副总监为何指示做出如此的行为呢?

v) 基于所获得的情报,我们怀疑为何副总监在2009年7月16日早上6点10分回到办公室时没有打卡呢?这很重要,因为这能证明副总监是最后一位见到赵明福 的人。问题是,有鉴于他是一个经常打卡的人,为何他不打卡。根据记录,他是一位对打卡非常在意(teliti)的人。

3. 仅此告知尊贵的拿督/先生/女士,问题在于副总监对在雪兰莪和全马各地的调查行动是很有影响力的。在雪兰莪反贪委中,他是最重要的人物,他决定了是否要对 一起案件进行起诉,而这个权利应该落在副检控官手上。他的决定显示是为了他个人,以及他的共谋者的利益。因此,毫无疑问的是,他已经领导了雪兰莪反贪委十 数年,自从雪兰莪州政府在国阵领导(基尔多益)直到现在。他在这期间职位扶摇直上,在十六年间由41级跃升至54级,同时他一直都在雪兰莪反贪委,从未被 调职。根据反贪委(条令),任何在一个州属内获得跃升或工作超过五年以上的官员,必须被调往其他不同地点,以防止官员涉及地方性的贿赂。他从未被调职的其 中一个原因是因为他的任务即是『照顾』(menjaga)拿督斯理基尔多益在雪兰莪的地位,因此,基尔多益也『照顾』了他的职位作为回报。

4. 由于他在雪兰莪反贪委在位多年,他曾涉及多宗贿赂和滥权的案件。以下是一些我们曾调查过的贿赂或滥权的案件:

i) 停止调查有关基尔多益批准的道路建设计划,这条位于适耕庄(Sekinchan)全长20.5公里,耗资九千两百五十万令吉的公路发标给了一家被列入黑名 单的公司Meram Holdings。根据公共工程部(JKR)估计,这条道路的价值应该少于五千万令吉。这项工程的承包商名叫Cabaran Wangsa,由潘金安(Pua Kim An)所持有,他即是曾经把一所房子出租给基尔的屋主,而另一名公司股东是基尔的朋党阿末塔尔米兹(Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury),他获得了一百英亩的土地,他本人至少在其中获得了两千万令吉的利润。

ii) 拥有超过个人薪酬的资产,比方说:

a. 拥有数间出租房子,其中一间双层排屋是以优惠价格购自Pemaju Kumpulan Lebar Daun Development Sdn Bhd。他获得优惠是由于停止起诉该公司的集团执行总裁拿督诺阿兹曼(Dato' Noor Azman @ Noor Hizam bin Mohd Nurdin)。雪兰莪反贪污局对这宗案件,还有他所拥有的其他物业调查了几年。为了回避公众和下属的怀疑,他住在位于吉隆坡甘榜阿達(Kg Atap)的政府公寓。

b. 拥有一家国家石油公司的油站,该油站位于联邦大道第8.6至8.7公里处。雪兰莪,邮区40000,沙安南,联邦大道,第一区(靠近美拉蒂交通圈 (Melati Roundabout),沙安南去巴生的交界处),该油站是以他兄弟的名字注册的。这家油站才在今年(2009年)开始运作,其中一部分是建筑在华人坟场 上。他能够在这个地点建筑油站是因为他的权力,这是在基尔掌管雪州政府时就已经发挥的。

c. 在沙安南拥有数个地段,其中一块相信是位于靠近新落成的沙安南市中心大厦(SACC Mall),并以沙安南市中心大厦司机阿都拉(Abdullah b Azim)的妻子的名誉注册的,他的妻子是一名年近四十岁的全职家庭主妇。

iii) 在2009年年初,他与他的下属诺阿兹丽娜(Nor Azlina bt Mustafa)在沙安南湖畔(Tasik Shah Alam)边曾因为通奸(berkhalwat)险遭两名警员逮捕,他的这位下属是调查员阶级。他出示了他的身份证(反贪委工作证),并告知这些警员说他 们正在进行一场行动,他们接着被释放了。他和这名调查员的『亲密关系』不断重复,并导致街知户晓,包括他自己的妻子。部门所采取的唯一行动即是把涉及的人 员调到布特拉再也的反贪委总部。这是没有效果的,因为阿兹丽娜依旧在雪州办公室与副总监约会。

5. 这封信是为了捍卫正义,以及防止进一步的滥权,尤其是反贪委内部和整个马来西亚。看着这出被当权者庇护下的耍猴戏,我们作为反贪委的成员,感到非常气馁。 常言道『目中无人』(beraja di mata, bersultan di hati),我们作为反贪委,已经山穷水尽(hilang punca),无法找到部门/机构/非政府组织对这个课题进行抗争,以采取适当的行动。

6. 我们作为反贪委的官员们,对尊贵的拿督/先生/女士能够向人民和当局揭露这个课题表示感激,借此,组织/非政府组织能够采取适当的行动,或设立一个独立调 查(independent investigation),直到这件事被带入内阁为止。这是非常重要的,因为这牵涉到一个部门的服务官员的廉正,以捍卫有关人性正直的法律。副总监现 在非常担心,他竭尽全力的指示他的下属官员寻找公正党的错处,公正党目前统治雪兰莪,希望公正党在雪兰莪倒台后,他的秘密将会安全。同时,仅此告知尊贵的 拿督/先生/女士,当拿督斯理基尔多益发出文告后,副总监感到害怕,他很害怕上述案件将会揭露他的事情。

7. 我们的希望是,有人能勇敢的把我们的信息带出来,以使我们的行动能获得权威当局的关注,对他绳之于法,以面对司法的审判。我们自己没有能力对他采取行动,因为他与上层有『联系』(cable)。

8. 对尊贵的拿督/先生/女士的合作深表感激,还有更多情报会转移给尊贵的拿督/先生/女士,以便揭露这些不正直的人类,以让反贪委和其官员们不受贪污的污染。




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