Monday, August 17, 2009

They have fetish for road, how about you?

This post is rated PG13.
Kids below 13 years old have to be accompanied by parents
while reading this post;
Kids above 13, we challenge you to imitate our act, at your own risk.
Thank you for noting.

Since secondary school,
They have fetish for roads.
They love roads.
They love road trips.

It was DumbassOne who
started to have fetish for roads.
Maybe it was SPM stress which
made him feel for Roads.
"This is what can you do in the middle of the night daybreak
when what you study just cnt seem to enter your brain..."

Bkt St John's Road. around 4am.

Semabok Crossroad. around 4am too.
Busiest crossroad in the city during the day

And that wasnt the end...
His fetish continued to spread...
to his rummate, DumbassTwo
"This is what you can do when
you cant find anything better to do in the middle of the jungle..."

(Foundation: they walked to inti for mamak at 3am and walked back)
They see no car, they feel no car, they car car the road.
Nilai pre-highway. around 5am.

"Berilah aku kuasa~"
Nilai pre-highway. around 5am.

Look like a seal, Shape like a seal, but its not a seal.
its DumbassTwo.
Nilai pre-highway. around 5am.

Tolcha, dont mess with him.
Nilai pre-highway. around 5am.

Nilai pre-highway. around 5am.

And...the disease didnt stop there..
It continued to spread like the not-so-swine-flu.mutated.
It spread across the sea to KUCHING, SARAWAK!
The following infected person name was Ravin.

Kuching street. around 3am.

Not so?
P/s: look at the evil sifu.
Kuching street. around 3am.

It then followed by the sifus' demo..

They could sms.

They could do Morning Fuck (早操)

After some ups and downs,
the sifus have retired.
And just yesterday...

The dumbness of the name made them feel like acting dumb again.
to feel young.
This time with DSLR =D

Yes, they stopped from board to board just to take photos.
its in the blood; its the passion for road


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Wilson Ng said...

i tot i saw a third person in one of the pictures.. scary