Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chiang Mai,I was in ; feat. Greenday in Malaysia.

"Welcome back."

Even tho I was on "Unpaid Leave" for weeks...

...still, I can see how much you people miss me.lol.XD

Well, anyway heres something worth mentioning,

I had a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand,
during the last sem break.

I did not only visited Chiang Mai,

I visited Laos too. just the border of it . still..XD

I visited Border Market(Thailand - Burma). just the border of it . again,still..XD

The building over there is the custom of Burma anyway.

I visited Temple; well "Thailand" and "temples", they complement one another.

Out of all the temples,
I have an affection for the White Temple. located in Chiang Rai.

I met Buddha...

I met the long neck tribe...
aka Hilltribe Karen Long Neck - Padaung

And the Punk-Rock-Princess,

aka Hill Tribe Big Ear Karen

And another more common race which Ive seen when I visited China,

aka Akha Hill Tribe
Stop staring at it, you are not the baby, too bad.
(P/s: I did asked permission with the help of tourist guide before capturing this motherly-love scene)

I have also seen HUGE orchids

I have also seen HUGE "artificial" orchids

They follow you everywhere,
Nudity is everywhere in Thailand.

Sadly, not at the Kantoke Palace. sigh~

I have seen some real innocent and happy kids...

also, the purity of friendship...

On the other hand,
I witnessed the purity of brotherhood...

...tagged along with poverty.

Unlike the happy kids previously;
When was the last time he played with a cat?
When was the last time he swam in the stream?
When was the last time he hung out with his friends?
You judge.


Anyway, some might ask what the hell was I doing,
for not updating a proper post after Chiang Mai?

Well, my beloved Nilai University College has ended its contract with
the ISP - ExtremeBohBian.
Only standard connection is available.
The connection is overly-excellent to be used to blog
since it only takes up eight to ten minutes to post a shoutout in FB,
only takes up 15 minutes to half an hour to completely finish loading a webpage,
and only takes a short 30minutes-nap to finish downloading a 1.5Mb file,
fantabulous connection, seriously.

Its not that I dont like my college's conncetion, I like,
But the problem is I like to be different.
So, I subscribed to Maxis Broadband.
(No, not a supporter of Celcom Broadband;
+ Neither Digi Broadband nor P1Wimax has coverage in this Nilai metropolitan city)

Okay, Okay only lar, not veli fast lor.

Anyhow, here comes the final part of the post,
which is also the objective of writing this post.
do you see "throughmywindow-full length version.zip" in the pic above?
It will explain whats the second part of this post's title is bout.
I did not say Greenday is in/will be coming toMalaysia,
but I meant, Malaysia has its very own "Hijauhari".
Billie Mohammad Joe Bin Armstrong.

"KUALA LUMPUR: Two days ago, media companies received an intriguing package containing a CD with a song entitled Through My Window, a website URL everyoneconnects.net and a cryptic message “open for collaborations"

Rumours have been going around that the vocalist is Bunkface's.
Some adore this hero and band like how they adore superman.
However, for those who think that this is just another long-term marketing tactic,
(whether Umobile, P1Wimax etc etc)
you are on the same boat as me.

For an anonymous person/band to compose a song,
with the purpose solely to unite the society/world,
I doubt,highly, especially here in Malaysia.
Thats at least how a marketing major student like me will think,
we are skeptical towards overly-wonderful things, typical us,
fine, maybe just me.

whether its a marketing effort or not,
which I am sure it is,
the song is still worth listening,
Proceed to Everyone's Konek now to listen to the song;
the more we connect, the more they will earn later on, help them.

"The key to success in life is "attention", attention is a valueable thing because there are so much distractions and amusements these days. if you can get people's attention and if you can hold it for even a couple of minutes, yo...u can make of living of that." -Matt Harding-





LeArN tO bE aN AtTeNtiOn WhOrE~.



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