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Why is Halloween meaningful to

If you have been a loyal reader since years ago,
you should know without me giving you any clue.
But if Halloween still doesnt ring a bell to you,
maybe this will help you to recall?

Bitchy Paris Hilton, how bout that?

If you still dont know wtf im saying..
maybe this will make some of the bloggers go "ohhhhhh"

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween?

As for new reader,
stop drinking, eating or masturbating,
for a moment,
because what you are going to see now,
contains explicit content,
there is a chance of you getting sexually aroused,
especially the guys.


Chill Chill Chill :D
Yes, thats me, not photoshopped work or so.
No, Im not a drag queen nor im Adam Lambert a gay.
The story started like this...
Last year, when Halloween was around the corner,
my blog advertising company, Nuffnang, had this Halloween event.

I managed to get my passes through THIS POST.
(or Click here to view)

The theme of the party was "Halloween Celebrities".
and Winners get a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic for free!
So, I tried to brainstorm my ideas,
but, in any way, I couldnt figure out how to be "SCARY"
for becoming a Halloween-fied male celebrity.
So, as usual,
an abnormal thought came to my mind,

"Crossdressing would be scary!"

AND, the costume hunting began

with the help from my bro, cousins and aunty.

And the following accesories and items are
what that made up Parui Hilton;

At the same time,
they also show how complicated women are..

Hair accessories

Wig and its kit
(rented from a cosplayer, cost me around RM25/30)

(Sg wang, couldnt remember the price, around RM10)

bling bling hair clip
(Sg wang, couldnt rememeber the price, around RM15)

Upper Body

Both the pieces come in a pair.
(FOC, borrowed from my aunt, later just to found out
my mum borrowed it to my aunt, its my mum's LOL)

Pink Bimbotic Belt
(Sg Wang , RM10)
*The belt fell off during the party without me noticing.

or whatever you call it.
(FOC, borrowed from my cousin, she wore it just once,
during her wedding.)
*My aunt initially suggested me to just wear this as outer layer. LOL

Lower Body

(FOC, borrowed from my cousin, she cnt fit in it anymore,
but i can fit in perfectly. LOL)

lol dont ask me what izzit called.

(Timesquare-LALA feat cosplay shop , RM10-20 )

*It was frigging akward when I had to tell the salesgirl
that I am the one wearing and not my cousin.

(Timesquare-LALA feat cosplay shop , RM10-20 )
*Again, It was frigging akward when I had to tell the salesgirl
that I am the one wearing and not my cousin.

(Time Square, RM40+- )
*Why do you think I capitalized the whole term? this shoes was the bomb!
spent 4 hours looking for my size - Male size 8, mind you.
Even this one wasnt my size, I had to squeeze my foot in to that party.
Oh ya, whenever I approached a salesman and asked for the bigger size,
his 1st reaction was sure to look at my cousin's foot and say,

"I dont think she needs this big size kua"
and I have to reply.
"No, its for me to wear."

And everybody in the shop will stare at me as though i was transexual.

Other accessories

(FOC, borrowed from my aunty,

(Both Sg Wang and time square, around RM10 each)
*Bought two from two shops actually,
but one of them(orange in colour),
I paid but my cousin didnt take it
because she thought I took it already lol.

(Black one was from Sg Wang , around RM15)
*The pink heart necklace was either bought or borrowed from sista,
couldnt really recall.

Fake nails
(Time Square , forgotten how much was it)
*Almost all of them fell off even before I reaching the party.
useless shits.

Red Feathers
(Sunway pyramid-the halloween shop, around RM20-30)
*still lying nicely somewhere in the room lol.

"Diamond bling bling ring"
(Timesquare, around RM25)
*gave away

Pink and white bimbotic shades
(Sg Wang, RM30, yes, i know, expensive lol.)
*gave to my sister

Well, of course, they were many other items but I couldnt remember them all, like lipstick, glitters to be applied on eyelashes, make up brushes and pencils etc. All i can remember is, all ttogether I spent around RM200.

And here are some of the recaps,

Molested by Wen pink, Munak etc.

Celebrity Emcee - Liang

Celebrity blogger - Kimberly

AND the no-need-introduction

Kenny Sia

At the end of the day,

I was chosen as the best dressed...

..for the female category.

That was when my blog gained a little bit more of popularity for a short moment but also gained quite some hatred from people who were dissatisfied with the outcome of the event. Well,
I dint chose myself to be the winner,
neither did I categorized myself in the female category, so, its none of my business. LOL

What I care is that, my mum has been using the Half-price free
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
happily for a year already :D

To view more (around 100) PICTURES of PARUI HILTON, before, during and after that Nuffnang Halloween Party 2008, CLICK HERE.


Happy First Anniversary to fictional Parui Hilton~!

Most importantly,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my readers.

Have you decided?

Trick or Treat?
*Grins evily*

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