Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey bitches.
phuket-ing now.
too many unwanted and unhappy things have been happening.
I will just mention the more recent one,
I tripped 4 days before coming to phuket.
sprained my ankle.
no tom yam, no coconut, no ice drinks, no sour beverage/food,
there is something really bothers me alot.
And thats why im blogging here .. sigh..
Anyway just some pictures that I have googled.
Dont expect to see much nice photos from me,
because my dslr lens which was sent to repair,
i have not gotten back.
double sigh.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big boobs proven to be wiser!

Boobs rock.
Boobs like this make you go OH-OH.

All the while, chinese have this believe saying,
which means Big Boobs No Brain, yeah direct translation lol.
But results have proven the opposite results though.
Read this.


Thursday November 12, 2009

Women with bigger breasts found to be smarter


A STUDY conducted in the United States showed that women with big breasts are not necessarily less intelligent than those who are less endowed.

Quoting a Singapore newspaper article, Sin Chew Daily said women with bigger breasts were found to be smarter instead.

It said the study was conducted in Chicago to find out whether the size of a woman’s bust affected her brain power.

The study, involving 1,200 women, was conducted by a female researcher. The subjects were divided into five groups, from extra small to extra big.

The report said it was possible such women were smarter due to the higher level of female hormones that could result in better development in the brain.

The Star


And here are some of the celebrities
who knew about this report earlier,
and they have been trying to be "smarter"

Victoria Beckham
before and after
Became smarter and got married to rich Beckham.

before and after
Became smarter and focused more on solo career.

Gemma Atkinson
before and after
Became smarter and captured more exposed photos.

Carmen Electra
before and after
became smarter and got into smart movies.
(Meet the Spartans & Disaster Movie)

Beyonce Knowles
before and after
became smarter and got into movie industry.

Christina Aguilera
before and after
became smarter and dolled up herself for brand name' sake.

Jolin Tsai
before and after
Became smarter by dumping JayChou.

Lindsay Lohan
before and after
Became smarter for walking on the street without a bra.

Pamela Anderson
before and after
became the SMARTEST for getting divorced.

Britney Spears
before and after
became the SMARTEST of the Smartest
for not wearing any panty and bra
so to promote her crotch to the paparazzi.

I have gave you enough references,
Judging time....

Hong Rui
before and after
became smarter?


Sorry if the 1st picture made you TFK guys,
you have just masturbated by looking at two freaking balloons.
(fuck your life)

By the way,
Everything has its Pros and Cons

SO stay what you are and target your market segment.




Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You dont need a dictionary to explain friendship.

As seen in James' blog Cbox...

Life is not about how much you get
but its whether how much you give.


In memory of,
Yew Shy Gin, 19 and
Yew Ghim Chnieh, 20.


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don't you quit.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy,
and that person is you.
Stay tough.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Life's brief candle.

Before you proceed to the rest of the post,
please read the following blog in a new tab.
Read the rest of the post only once that you have read it.

Please read the rest of my post only once that you have visited that blog.

Please read the rest of my post only once that you have visited that blog.

Please read the rest of my post only once that you have visited that blog.

Please read the rest of my post only once that you have visited that blog.


How was it?

For people who are mandarin-illiterate,
Im sure you are indulged with the wonderful writings...
I have to admit I cant write anything as touchy as this
Neither in English nor Mandrin...
Heres a post of his...


.. 社会.. ..

路人甲; 路人乙; 路人丙..
you are still the apple of my eye..

emo 悲伤这字眼就是最好证明..
an apple a day 也治愈不了吧..


I do think he could really write.
he was a really good blogger.
Yes, was.
why "was"?
Did he quit blogging?
No, i dont think so.
Maybe the following article would be able to answer your question..


Monday November 2, 2009

Three Utar students drown at waterfall, a fourth rescued


KAMPAR: A second tragedy has struck here, hardly a week after the Kuala Dipang bridge collapse took three young lives.

Three Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman undergraduates drowned after they were swept away by strong current at the Batu Berangkai waterfalls yesterday.

The dead have been identified as James Khor Wan Kai, 20; Yew Shy Gin, 19 and Yew Ghim Chnieh, 20.

A fourth student was rescued by a villager.

The four had gone to the picnic spot for a swim at about 5pm.

Three of them had gone into the water and the fourth student was about to follow them when a sudden gush of water caused him to tumble in.

A Kampar villager, who saw this, rushed over and pulled out the fourth student.

Perak executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, who related the story to newsmen, said the survivor — 22-year-old second-year accountancy student — declined to speak to the press and did not want to be named.

He suffered cuts and bruises.

At about 9.40pm, nearby villagers found Khor’s body while Yew’s body was found at 11.10pm, one kilometre from where they went into the water.

Their bodies have been sent to the Kampar Hospital.

Businessman Syed Farudi Syed Samsuddin, who saw the three students being swept away by the strong current, said their hands and legs were bobbing in the water.

Syed Farudi, 41, from Mambang Diawan, said he could see that they were struggling.

“There was nothing I could do,” he said.

It happened so fast, he said, adding that it had been raining heavily before the incident occurred.

The Batu Berangkai picnic spot is 15km from where three pupils drowned after a suspension bridge collapsed over Sungai Kampar last Monday.


Yes, you are right.
Hes not with us anymore.
So near yet so far.

and no,
hes not a friend of mine.
Hes a stranger to me,
so am I to him.

Say me weak,
say me sensitive,
say me ridiculous,
I was emotionally influenced by just reading
his blog and news.
Tears didnt shed but I did wet my eyes.


Earlier this morning,
just the usual me,
I was joking around with the canteen Mak Cik,
in Malay,

"Said want to invite me to go for open house during Hari Raya,
what happened lar?"

My bright morning turned gloomy after that question,

"Sorry lar boi, mak cik didnt celebrate Hari Raya this year,
my mum is in critical condition,
shes suffering from severe back spine disease,
only 10% of her kidneys are left functioning..."

"Both kidneys?",I asked.

"yes, both...even doctors also said its almost time.. ",
*deep sigh with her tired looks*
"...pak cik & I have to visit her in hospital everyday"

"Must be real tiring huh..
In that case, just have to pray for miracle to happen then."
I was stunned, as I dont know what to say.

When I was just about to pay to pakcik,
the Makcik said,
"Its okay, dont take his money,
Iv promised to treat him for Hari Raya for a long time,"
she smiled.

She insisted to treat me for that,
even it was just an ordinary Rm1.50 nasi lemak,
it felt like as though I was having a plate of RM15 nasi lemak,
i felt like I was swallowing stones instead of rice.
I felt real bad,
my "joke" has just triggered someone's sadness,
on a beautiful,bright morning.
I was. however,
repaid with a free meal.

Hearing of almost death news early in the morning,
had already darken my mood by half.
Later in the day,
I came across to know about this drowned incident.
there are people dying,
we dont bother much,
we take things for granted,
everyday some people must die,
to keep the population on Earth balanced.
But, think of this,
what IF,
the person happens to be the one closest to you?
Think about that...


a few friends of mine have been expressing their condolances over this incident,
as they happened to be the victims' third degree friends.
I seriously feel for the victims.
The now-left-unattended blog,
which was once a hidden gem.

It was the same feeling I had years ago,
looking at one of my seniors's
facebook profile which was left unattended,
after he(ong tzong huat) passed away due to
some organs failure.

It was the same feeling I had years ago,
looking at my grandma's armed chair
being left unattended.


As Im comfortably
sitting & typing this right here right now,
while you are sitting in front of your PC,
reading this comfortably,
do remember,
the families and friends of the victims
would be crying their hearts out now,
or even have been collapsing several times
for not being able to accept the harsh reality.

Im not blogging this post to generate traffic;
its not whether you believe it or not,
its none of my problem,
as long as my heart knows it.
Im just sincerely expressing myself towards
And at the same time,
express my condolence
to the victims of the unfortunate incidents.


Some might say,
when a person is dead,
what can you do?
why are you making a big fuss about it?
Wait till you are in the victims' family members'/friends' shoes,
one day.
Unless you insist that
everyone around you are gonna live on forever.

As a blogger myself,
I, hereby,
express my condolence towards the family and friends of the victims,
even tho Im someone unknown.
"I feel for you, try to stay tough."
God(be it Jesus, Buddha or Allah),
One of Them must have need these talents
more than we do.
Its such a great lost to the blogsphere to lose
such a good writer.

we should be proud of him as
God(s) has(have) promoted him
to write along with Him(Them)

Bros and sister from another parents,
Do Rest in Peace
Yew Shy Gin, 19 and
Yew Ghim Chnieh, 20.

I will end this post with a small passage written by James
which I really like it alot,


Direct translation
"In fact, boys need love as much as girls do,
Even depressed Crayon Shin-chan
would need some time to once again bring laughter to the people..
And the magical Doraemon too has to give Crayon Shin-chan some time
to regain cheerful;
simply because Doraemon, himself,
is experiencing that feeling of loneliness."

Photo taken in bus on 13/5/2008 morning,when I was on my way back for my grandma's death anniversary prayer.