Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Starbucks!


Yes you can, look what I have got for myself...

3 fucking cups!
Assume each to be RM5.
You do the maths.
But anyway, its free.


Its Starbucks 11th anniversary!
simply because of the free coffees

woops wait,
have i told you that the free coffee offer is only available
from 11am-1pm today(17 dec 2009)?

You are LATE.


Oh, wait,
have I told you that
my booth here in The Curve is just steps away from Starbucks?

*continue slurping*


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Have you seen Curvy Jingle Xmas?

Hey bitches, im sorry for not updating for quite some time,
had a marathon in life lol.
phuket trip to final exam to pc fair work.

But for now, its The Curve Xmas deco in the house yo.
(Fyi, am currently working at the Curve center court, till sunday)

What do I do?
simple, come spend more than Rm100 in the curve
and you will eventually meet me if you actually bother
to give a damn bout getting your ass captured by my low-end dslr LOL.

Test power 1 2 3

without flash

with flash

Less talking, more showings.
First, lets take a peep...

Oh no, I see a half-naked cupid.

In fact, there are many of them...

the show-off one.

the lalat.

the tree hug-er.

the legolas cupid.

the amitabha-amen-cupid.
Hint: reevaluate the photos above.

the cupid with the stick,
i mean the flute la dammit.

the run light zao geng one.

and not forgetting...

the horny one.

Enough of those almost-naked cupids,
lets take a look around for some decent xmas decos,

But out of all the decos,
I still prefer this one hanging on the christmas tree,
dam, it has some kinda aura,
must be the man in it.

Okay and here are some demo shots taken,

The first shot wasnt any ordinary customer.
they are the top management of the company's division.
tension, 1st shot lagi.

Okay and here are some worth seeing shots of the customers
(no, i didnt mention that some are not worth looking,
its you that thought that way)

cute neh?

Whatever it is,
Have a great preparation for xmas and have fun!
buy a turkey, eat a turkey, but never be like one alright.

Ho Ho Ho.
All I want for christmas is U.
Not A not B not C not D not E not F not G...etc
lame, i know.
this is what happened when you are too bored at work.

anyway it took me almost 4-5hours to complete thos post LOL.

oh, btw
did you notice something?


Once again!