Monday, May 31, 2010

Things to do when you meet in an accident.

stop your car to preserve evidence of the accident.

call for an ambulance, if necessary to treat any injuries incurred by anyone involved.

call the police so that they can investigate the accident and file a report.

take pictures of the accident scene.
If you have a camera available to you, you should take the pictures immediately.
(If not,come back to the scene asap with a camera
to take pictures before evidence disappears.)

here in Malaysia,
you need not worry about 4th step,
. ♥Malaysians♥ are extremely helpful people.

I am so touched by their helpfulness;
If you know any of em, please let em know that
I, personally would like to show my gratitude by
helping their family members who meet in any accident
to video the accident scene with me posing in front,
in order to enhance the credibility of the evidence.

1 Malaysia mah!
(Tak yah bayau, tak yah thankyou)

= )

Full News(Chinese) : HERE


Monday, May 24, 2010

Same as before, different as always.

sad or happy,
I am back.

To those who have been supporting me,
to those who have been urging me to keep up my responsibility as a blogger,
here I am.

Sorry for all the disappointments.
Sorry for the wait.
Life had been hectic,
it still is,
it will always be.
At least,
I could gasp alil air in between for now.

In fact,
I have been wondering what to be blogged,
to light up my dim, creepy, eerie blog.
and of course to repay my irresponsibility
in satisfying the loyal readers.

Some would suggest me to blog about my chiangmai trip,my perth trip etc etc
I tell myself that what I am posting now must be something earthshaking,
something which could repay my absence for months :)

Many of you have seen our crazy way of attempting assignment

However, what many of you might not know is that,
we did something more extreme before that
in one of our marketing assignment.

I present you our additional effort for our marketing presentation.
(to choose a company which produces convenience goods and improve or create a better product)

Our choice of convenience goods.


Fyi, the first 1 minute of the vid was presented officially,
while the rest of it = unofficial extended version :)

When you work hard enough,
you deserve nothing but the outcome.

Play Safe.