Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got fucked.

Mind-fucked without condom.
I can feel another brain is growing in my head.
Its pregnant.
I will soon to deliver some wisdom within myself.

Inception causes Conception.

Hypothesis accepted.

Personally, Im not a fan of
Horror/Action/Fantasy/Thriller/Sci-fi movies.

was rated 6 out of 5 by 3981824 people.

decided to watch.

3 things about inception:-
1) I think I am either too stupid or inexperience in getting mind-fucked.
reality 10 hours was supposed to mean 10 years in 3rd stage. so reality 1min was supposed to mean 8760min in 3rd stage. But the very few minutes(the scene where the slow-mo van fell into the water) on screen has made me feel so stupid because I couldnt understand why things were still going equally fast in 3rd and 4th stage? WHY?

2) Why Power Rangers always win?
were all of the main actors well-trained in shooting? or izzit because the 'bad guys' had problem at aiming? After 2394924308 shots from the bad ones, and yet the 'good ones' were still running, and then all they did was just randomly lifting their guns,
or maybe another
There the 'bad ones' die. Awesome accuracy.

3) I am a Pedophile
I want the two little cute kids so badly :(

For those who have yet to watch the movie, the two kids look as cute as this:-
(since I couldnt find their pics from google)

"Hell Yeah, you just got mindfucked by me!"

ask me what happened to the movie
do not ask me what happened to me k thx bye

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