Monday, August 30, 2010

Malaysia's 53th independence day.

Hi readers.
It had been sometime.

This is not anything personal.
This is what you Malaysians should read
on this 53th Independence Day.

It concerns of you, me, them, us,
just everyone.


I am gonna start of with a story.

Once upon a time, there lived this man in a village who had been the leader of all for decades. A weird man with multi-characteristics yet everybody loves& treasures him much, a man who everybody had been living comfortably with, a man who everyone knew was vital to the entire community.

credit: lilmejo

There was this brainless lady who got jealous over all the attention he get all the time, she(it) was brainless and selfish enough to think she could live better without him. So, she tried to threaten him.

credit: lilmejo

Many were mad, many expressed their anger verbally as they all knew she(it) was well-protected under the constitution of the village. Part of the villagers who were equally brainless, transfered her from a house to another, thinking she will be further from the leader, thus, she couldnt hurt him anymore; as though she doesnt have a leg to walk over his house to kill him, again.

Back in the village, those who were expressing their anger and dissapoinment for what the brainless woman had done got buried, so that, they will never, ever, speak, again, anymore, not at all.

P/S: They named the leader "Racial Unity".


In a related seperate matter,
(We all heard of him alot.)
got himself into 'trouble' again.
This is the video that got him into 'troube'. CLICK HERE to view.

And the latest?
3 police cars went to arrest him at his house
fortunately or unfortunately, he wasnt at home

just a thought to ponder upon,
3 police cars for a youth who expressed his anger through singing.
I thought you only need that big school for armed terrorists

Source : Click Here

Maybe that was why,
there was not enough police car for her who tried to threatened him?
refer story above

As much as you are celebrating,
I am mourning,
Not for Namewee,
For the country.

Lesson learnt via The Emperor's New Clothes:
Everybody knows the emperor is naked
nobody is allowed to say so.



LilMeJo said...

Mourning during Birthday..
Super bad sign..
All we can do now is pray...

Anonymous said...

blame it on najibby.. pukimak dia.. another Failed-PM!!