Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nilai University Convocation 2010.

It was my college' Pre-Hari-Raya Kenduri
Convocation Ceremony.

It wasnt my convocation tho I will be finishing by this semester(Sept).
Mine will be next year.
there were bunch of my mates who were there
for their once in a life time ceremony.
Was happy to be there.

People mountain people sea.

Had a packet of Mamee Sllrrrp in the morning.
Spiced up my morning before driving up Nilai.

Somehow managed to sneak into the hall.

Reserved for the VIPs.

The floating book.


The entrance of VIPs began...

Congrats to Ah Zhu

Our pingpong moments...

and some retarded momemtns :D


Congrats to Boss Boon Yong
he can fly!

The Bo-Song typical boonyong-face remain the same even during graduation haha
(Refer bottom)

We had fun and we were serious when necessary.

Overall, we had serious fun throughout the years.
(fyi, that was our company's logo - Fervid Youth (F.Uth))

Congrats to Liang.

MOE revision was rather fun with the illegal talk. LOL


Just so you know,
I was somehow 'employed' on that day.

Congrats to my employer of the day my hometown mate

Earn more Sing dollar and belanja me!

The 50% Hongkong resident ngek ngek ngek


Congrats to siao kaki my secondary schoolmate

The one and Only who fired his boss LOL


congrats to Christopher!

Sweetest gf for this sweetest bf.
Stay sweet!


Congrats gou lou Bi Yang!
walao, look how alien he looked like on the stage.

Even when he was off the stage :D


Congrats to Afina , classmate for GM.
And long-lost plurk buddy.
wish you all the best in your baby and your family :)


Congrats to Peter!

All the best in mortgaging assets of others!
Any CIMB user who wanna mortgage anything
from your favourite softoys to barbie doll,
look for Peter!


Congrats to Nasih the maldivian!
all the best to you and your wife :)
Shall visit your pretty country 1 day.


Congrats to Burger!
Nilai was boring without you.


Congrats to Ali the ideas-machine all the way from Nepal!
Earning big bucks in Dubai currently


Triple Congrats to Judson!
1st class honour!
Your mum will be proud of you as much as we do!
Cosway all the way!


The bunch of classmates aka marketers.

2 become 1.

Dont they look cute together?


Congrats to Jack the all-time Emcee
All the best in UOB


Congrats to the king of Mahjong!
Professional degree in gambling and probability Lol.

Congrats to the hospitality peeps!
Victor, Jeany, Navin, Sufia


This was how it looked like when everything was under control.

And the usual thing happened
*I was not surprised AT ALL*

Electricity "yee-lek"!
Blacked out.
All I told to the parents around me was
"Welcome to Nilai University College!"


this is what happen when you do too many assignments

Appendix 1.1 Raymond and me.

Appendix 2.1 Longkai (congrats bro)
May things go smoother in near future!

Appendix 3.1 The proposal. FAIL.
Anyway a very belated congrats to Alex' graduation.

Appendix 3.2 Our memories years back.
(JayChou's KungFu Dunk Promo tour)

Appendix 4.1 Those businessmen who learnt Econs well.

Appendix 4.2 The fugliest bouquets I have ever seen in my life

Appendix 4.3 Law of supply-demand. RM 85 each fyi.

Appendix 4.4 The gf who was persuaded to buy one for bf, tho reluctantly.
Shes gonna kill me for spilling the beans.

Appendix 5.1 The extra ultra ultimate insane vainpot
who was having a "make-up" session in the canteen
I do know which is her in FB, if im not wrong.
Just another bimbo-wannabe

Appendix 5.2 Thanks to YiQi for being the supposed-to-be-focused-object.
Please pretend that she looked good or not im gonna get killed.

Appendix 6.1 If only my college is this happening everyday

Appendix 6.2 Thank God my college is not this happening everyday

Appendix 7.1 Ms. Suju. My lecturer for DMC and Critical Thinking.
Single and available? For you to find out :D

Appendix 7.2 Ms. Gowrie. Mother of marketing department.
Definitely, Ill get penalized for this ridiculous format blogpost
if she happen to see

Appendix 8.1 Gangsta. I tried to be one, FAIL-ed.

Appendix 9.1 Photo Session
Appendix 9.2 Photo Session - Loku Sang Song.

Appendix 9.3 Photo Session

Appendix 9.4 The typical graduation photo.

Appendix 9.5 Favourite pic of the day -
'Victor goes 70's'.


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