Monday, October 11, 2010



While everybody was celebrating it,
a tragic accident triggered in KM 223 North-South Plus Highway.
Near to Simpang Ampat Toll.
@ near 7pm.
Delima double decker crashed into a car, somersaulted across, smashing into few cars.

Information gathered:
1) Malaysians being Malaysians, cars were blocking ambulances @emergency lanes
2) at least 25 ambulances were involved.
3) at least 12 died and 45 injured.
4) limbs were here and there. (me myself witnessed a picture of a torn hand @ the scene)

RIP to the deceases.
And may their family members and friends stay strong.

Lets come together and pray for those who are fighting to live.


wonder boy said...

sad to see this every now and then...

xiaoxiang said...

sad actually..
drive carefully and slowly a..

xiaoxiang said...

drive carefully and slowly..