Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journey to the SEA

FYI, this is a continuous post from HERE.

Halloween @ Khao San, BKK.

We 'rode' our way to this massage parlour which cost like 100 baht
for half an hour reflexology

3rd class train, 6 hours, to border.
We nearly had to stand through out the journey
simply because we got on the train on time @ 6am.
lesson learnt,
when you are on time, you are late.

fyi, we couldnt afford to miss the morning train,
because if we were to take the 2nd train of the day
we wouldnt make it to siem reap on that day itself
we would have to overnight in poipet which is not a good idea.

After 6 hours of dust filling our nostrils,
we reached, finally...
to the border of thailand i meant.

(did u managed to pronounced it right?
now spell it!)

Tuk-tuk-ed our way to reach the custom.

And not forgetting another few hours of minibus(van) ride
reach Siem Reap.

Siem Reap = Angkor Wat.
Its a good idea to start ur Angkor Wat trip early!
Price for Angkor Wat ticket is costly,
so make full use of it.
1 day= 20 USD.
3 days = 40 USD.
Yeah, there isnt any 2days pass.
so plan wisely.

we bought 1day pass anyway.


I like.


Malboro ad.

Cambodia tuk-tuk is diff from Thailand's if u noticed.

Meditation aka bertapah.




there wasnt any model around,
so I had to act like one.

I like.


Model wey.

Model jugak.

Model lagi? wtf.

Dry Mt. Everest.

The local kids who could speak better English
than any one of you.

Leaving cambodia.

Hi Pattaya.
(after 10 hours trip by bus to border
and another bus to pattaya)

Hardrock superstar in the making.



Thats all for now.
more to come.

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