Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Calling an End to Mass Tagging Virginity

I usually get fucking annoyed when people mass tag me, especially those blogshops.

However, today I see the need to mass tag everyone. But too bad FB only limits it to 50 penetrations tagging per photo.

So I would like to share it here so everyone else wouldnt miss it.

If I could give a subject to this blogpost, it would be

"Average is the new exceptional"

This is the origin of the phrase

Months ago, I saw a ridiculous shoutout on my newsfeed/tops news which sounded like this

shared via May Fen , job interview @public bank.

"那人: 小姐, 你的成绩还满好的, 可是我们不要请成绩太好的..
我: har??? 先生我的成绩没有A叻, 将还叫好的啊???
那人: 以以前的算法来算,你的成绩是gred 1, 太好了..
我: har?????
那人:坦白说我们不想浪费你和我们的时间, 我们不要请成绩还满好的,我们要请比较差的人这样才能做长久.."

Interviewer: Girl, your results is quite good, we are hot hiring people with good grades.
Girl:Huh? I dont think I scored A(s) lor, how to be classified as good?
Interviewer: But according to our ways of calculation, its still Grade1, too good for us.
Girl: HAR?
Interviewer: to be frank, I dont want to waste our time, we dont hire good grades, we prefer low grades who can work longer for us.

And throughout my chillax jobhunt, I have heard of employer telling me something similar, until today, I witness another one when I was browsing through jobstreet.

it caught my eyes so I clicked on it

All together, this is the third time in a year time that I have heard about firms hiring
average students rather than excellent ones.

Average is the new exception!

Message To the :-

Parents; Know whats best for your children before you ask them to do their best.

Children; if you have tried your best, you are the best.

"Grades do not determine your success"


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