Thursday, January 6, 2011

The end is often the beginning of life.

He was a drug addict.
He was a drunkard.
He was a nobody.
He was homeless.

Till then,
He decided to give himself a chance.

At least,
He bothered trying.

here is the newly-discovered superstar.
The man with the golden voice


In the clip, Williams stands near a Columbus highway ramp demonstrating his smooth, deep speaking voice. He holds a sign that asks motorists for help and says, "I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times."

Update: Columbus radio station WNCI invited him to its studios and says ESPN and MTV have expressed interest. Williams has received a $10,000 offer for voice-over work, and a Pennsylvania radio station wants him, too. source: HERE

After thought:

The first thing that came into my mind:-
If this man were to be in Malaysia,
he will be nobody even till the day he steps into his casket.
9 out of the 10 will wind up their window when he comes by,
only 1 out of 10 will give him a few coins just to send William off
so that he/she could continue enjoying his/her cigarette.
My rule of thumb is always simple,
if a person comes up to me and show some effort in what he/she is doing,
I would give him what he/she deserves in return.
Firm in thought,
I believe,

Everybody can be somebody
maybe not today
but tomorrow.

Never look down on poor people,
you will never know what they are capable of.


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