Thursday, September 27, 2012

Que Sera, sera

Hi. I am back...

Just to share some thoughts I had in mind, which might or might not make sense.

Human are like vessels who are preloaded with containers of burdens & problems; ought to move towards the destination(aim in life) within a given specific timeline (before one passes away). A vessel which is overloaded with containers might still float and sail as usual but as much as a vessel can sail overloaded, whether it will be able to reach its destination, it is still subjected to external 
uncertainties, eg. weather & geographical condition.

#Cruel fact 101: nobody will remember you until you sink; Just like how everbody remembers Titanic. 

Moral of the story:

People will remember you only after you have sunk; Hence, live for nobody, but yourself. Entirely, its your life, your journey. Just like the wind, judgemental/negative comments will tend to sway you away from your planned route or to sink your vessel even; what you need is just a solid anchor(faith) to believe in what you believe.

Que sera, sera 
(whatever will be, will be) 
 = ) 


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